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Is Hooba for you?  The short answer is YES!


We have created tasty family favourites that we hope will go down well with everyone. If you’re a Vegan, Vegetarian or a meat eater, we believe you’ll love Hooba. You see our aim is to help reduce the production of meat and at the same time to improve health and wellbeing. So we created Hooba Foods, a range of our favourite foods, with NO MEAT AT ALL, which is healthy, natural and most important of all, very, very tasty.

Choose Healthy

Choose Healthy



Eating meat, especially too much processed meat, isn’t very good for us humans. So it’s a good idea to cut-down on the amount you eat. Hooba Foods make it so easy for you to cut out a little, or cut-out the lot.

Choose Sustainable

Choose Sustainable



Global, intensive, industrial scale meat production is exhausting our planet’s resources. Rainforests are being cleared to provide grazing land. Billions of gallons of water and billions of tons of food are consumed by cattle each and every day.

Choose Tasty



Hooba Foods use protein-rich mushrooms to reduce, or even replace, the meat we eat. Expert blending and seasoning result in amazingly tasty family favourites.



It’s all about the blend.

Meet Mike...

Mike Botha farmed mushrooms in South Africa for a very long time and now lives in the North East of England. There is nothing Mike doesn’t know about the wonderful world of mushrooms and he gets very excited when talking about the ‘perfect blend’; try not to get cornered by him in the kitchen at a party by the way!


Mushrooms - Nature’s hidden treasure.

Mushrooms really are a wonder.

Neither plant nor animal, they in fact, inhabit a kingdom of their very own. Not only are they packed with health-giving nutrients, they are also rich in Umami; derived from the Japanese word ‘Umai’ meaning ‘delicious’ and is the fifth basic taste after; sweet, salty, bitter and sour.

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