We use a lot of mushrooms to create our delicious Hooba food and we wanted to make sure we sourced our ingredients responsibly and sustainably.

So we set up Hooba Urban CIC (Community Interest Company), to put something back into the community and try to make a difference.
Working with HMPS and local coffee shops, we have created an opportunity for inmates to learn skills associated with running a business, and most of all develop their self-esteem and confidence ready for integration back into society.
Prisoners on day release collect coffee grounds locally - which would normally be destined for landfill, which form the growing medium for growing mushrooms. We supply the mushroom spawn, and the growing expertise. The inmates then manage the 7 week growth cycle from spores to fully grown mushrooms to harvest.
Our products only require the stems of the mushrooms, leaving the caps to be sold fresh locally, or dried and sold online. Hooba Foods are contracted to buy all of the stems produced, making the ventures economically viable and sustainable whilst providing training, education and vital work skills for the inmates.
Food Nation are also very involved in the project, using Hooba Foods to help educate people about the benefits of a reduced-meat and meat-free diet for their personal health and also to the climate for us all.
We are looking to expand this great scheme outside of the North too and would welcome the opportunity to talk about how you could become involved in any location across the country.
For sponsoring and partnering opportunities, please give John a call on 01325 625250, or email john@hoobafoods.com