Firstly, we are all about making great tasting food!

Creating meat-free food that tastes great and has the right texture and look is very difficult, but after years of development we think we've cracked it. Our blend of healthy ingredients make our foods taste great and texture we have designed give them an almost 'meaty' bite, when people try them for the first time are usually genuinely shocked that they are not meat.
 It's becoming more widely known about the damaging impact that global meat production is having on the environment. By joining the 'Hoobalution' and reducing the amount of meat you consume you can help reduce this impact. If each of us do a little bit, it soon becomes a lot - and you can enjoy really tasty food while you're doing it.
We also have schemes in place to turn all the waste grounds from coffee shops (we love a great coffee too btw) into mushroom growing mediums. And we're helping disadvantaged people set up facilities to grow them and run their own supply business for us to buy mushrooms from.
Find out more about our social impacts here.