Choose Healthy

These days we seem to be constantly bombarded with the latest dietary fads from here, there and everywhere. So, we’re going to give you one piece of advice – ‘Don’t diet, just change your diet’.

Reduce the meat you eat by choosing healthy, by choosing Hooba. Hooba Foods have all the great taste and textures of meat, without the meat altogether.

Too much red meat, and particularly processed meat, is not good for us.  

Whilst we know that red meat, which includes beef, pork and lamb, is a good source of protein and minerals such as iron and zinc, eating too much of it is known to be bad for you.  

Why is it bad? Well, the saturated fat content and cholesterol in it can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and even cancer, particularly colon cancer.  

Processed meats, such as sausages, bacon and ham are treated with sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is used by the food industry to prolong shelf-life, reduce the risk of food poisoning and slow down ‘rancidification’. It is also a major cause of chronic disease in humans.  


And one more thing that is a bit worrying to say the least… Cows and other livestock are given antibiotics to remain healthy and disease-free. Those antibiotics get into the food-chain and may be a contributing factor in our increasing resistance to antibiotics.  

At least the cows are healthy.  

If you eat more than 90 grams of red meat, or processed meat a day, (about 3 thin slices of beef), the NHS recommend that you reduce your consumption to no more than 70 grams per day.  

What better way to safeguard your health than to replace some of the meat you eat with super-tasty Hooba.  

The ‘meat’ in our sausages, burgers, meatballs, mince and sausage rolls is replaced with mushrooms. And mushrooms are a rich source of protein which can be skilfully blended and seasoned to taste and feel just like meat.

Our Breakfast Style Sausage was recently independently tested by ‘Eurofins’ consumer product testing and compared to a ‘standard’ pork sausage. Here’s what they found…

Startling stats, don’t you agree? And fantastic news for all the meat-lovers out there, because you can now cut-down on the meat you eat and still enjoy the foods you love.

You may even find that reducing the meat you eat reduces your waistline too!

Diet? What diet!