About Us

Hooba. Hooba?

It’s a question we’re often asked. The truth is we just liked the sound and look of the word, though it does actually mean ‘mushroom’ in Slovakian. Well, ‘Huba’ does, and we just tweaked it a little. And of course, without our beloved mushrooms we’d have no Hooba Foods. However, it is the wonderful taste and satisfying textures of Hooba that gets us out of bed in the morning.


We’re on a mission you see. We want to do our bit to help reduce global meat production and at the same time improve the health of the nation by producing tasty, meat-free food.

It sounds a tall order we know. However, we firmly believe in the integrity of our products and our ability to make a difference.


Therefore, our Hooba range of products are firmly aimed at meat-eaters. Not exclusively vegans and vegetarians (just 11% of the population) but meat-eaters (the rest!), because getting meat-eaters to eat less meat will result in the biggest impact on meat production and health.

At Hooba we don’t say “eat NO meat”, we say “eat LESS meat”, because even cutting out a little can do a lot of good. Hooba Foods can ease you gently and nutritiously into reducing the meat you eat.

From our base in Darlington, County Durham, we’re targeting meat-eaters across the country and beyond. We’re particularly interested in young people. We believe it is vital that they develop good, healthy eating habits. Therefore, we are building-up strong relationships with schools and universities. We’re also supplying other food producers and caterers, so that they can include Hooba in their products too. Last but not least of course, the Great British Public in their homes and kitchens.

You can enjoy Hooba family-favourites such as sausages, burgers, meatballs, mince and sausage rolls with our totally meat-free Hooba range. The choice is yours, so why not choose healthy? And join the ‘Hoobalution!’