Hooba Mexican Burger

Hooba Mexican Burger

Hooba Mexican Burger

Mexican chilli orange marinated Hooba Meat-Free Burger topped with
guacamole garnished with shredded carrot and coriander.

Ingredients Per Serving

• 1 x Hooba Meat-Free Burger -
Bidfood Code - 35487
• 2tsp of Street Food Company
Mexican Orange Chilli Paste
Bidfood Code - 75773
• 2tbsp guacamole
• Shredded carrot
• Chopped coriander leaf.


• Coat burger with Mexican Orange Chili Paste and grill/oven
bake in accordance with instructions.
• Lightly toast burger bun, place burger in, top with guacamole,
shredded carrot and coriander.
• Serve with chips or sweet potato fries.

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